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Although I may not have arrived here in quite the way I wanted to, there’s still something Incredibly soothing about being here. Whenever I’m on the island it’s the same feeling. I can’t help but feel the tension lift off of my shoulders and a feeling of relaxation come over me. It’s the perfect way to finish off my recovery!

The last 6 days have been split between staying with an old friend from my childhood who happens to live in Vancouver with his Fiancé, and some close friends of mine in Courtney, a small coastal town on the island.

The last week has been very relaxed! It has to be as extending this trip 3 extra weeks has decimated my savings 🤦‍♂️.

Despite that, I’m still having fun and my shoulder feels better and better every day. I think I’m getting close to getting back on the road.

Due to all of the complications and where I currently am on Vancouver island, my route will be altered slightly. I simply don’t have the time or financial capabilities to cycle an extra 3 days down to Victoria, BC just to hop on the ferry back to Vancouver and cycle all the way back up towards Squamish, BC.

Instead I will take the ferry out of Campbell River over to Horseshoe Bay.

This will cut out about 40km of riding but sadly I have to do it as the race is on to get back home and back to work.

From Horseshoe Bay the route remains the same but in reverse to the original plan as I will ride East back to where I had my accident.

I will have a better idea in the next couple of days as to wether or not I can leave before the end of the week/beginning of next, but that is the goal!

Hopefully the next update will come from the road :)

A special thanks to Cameron, Astrid, Taylor, Alex and Brodie and my wonderful mother and stepfather Celia and Tony for all the help the last week!


Current listening

The sounds of Vancouver Island

Current feelings

Relaxed, excited, thankful

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