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I woke up with the sun the next morning.

After the regular morning routine I was back on the bike in the cool air of the desert morning.

Following the Trans-Canada I headed East for 83km heading for Kamloops.

It was cool and the kilometres were easy after the feeding I had enjoyed the prior evening.

The hills were short and stretched over long distances so I was able to make good time with little effort.

Passing through a landscape that has been the backdrop for many western movies over the years filled my head with images of outlaw posses and gun fights.

At one point I cycled right passed a ghost town by the name of Deadman Junction that looked like It was right out of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

After a few hours I found myself in a small lakeside town named Savona where I rested for lunch.

After an hour of rest I continued on my way, climbing through more sandstone hills and eventually, in the heat of the day, I ended up in Kamloops.

Knowing I had some nasty, very slim hard shoulders ahead of me, I decided to make a stop at a bike shop where I purchased a mirror so I could see traffic approaching behind me.

I reached out to a friend who lives in the city and made arrangements to camp in her yard. (Two easy camp spots in a row!).

We spent the evening catching up over a few beers and sharing stories!

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