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After a late start (I’m blaming the beers from the night before) I slowly crawled out from my tent and packed up my stuff once again before leaving my back yard abode at 7.00am.

I slowly made my way out of Kamloops on the lesser travelled roads before I met up with the trusty Trans-Canada Highway once more about 10km outside of the city. I paused, lathered up with sunscreen and started out on what was to be my hottest day of the trip.

Leaving the city limits, the highway wound through more desert for a short time before transforming into the rolling hills of the Kootenays.

the first 60kms was an easy ride but being on the busy highway I left the earphones out so I could hear what was going on around me.

I passed the time by counting vehicles that passed me and playing childlike alphabet games.

As I wound further and further into the Kootenay Mountains the shoulder got smaller and smaller, winding past cliff faces and along lake shores.

I was VERY thankful for the mirror I had purchased the day before!

The day grew hotter and hotter and at around 1.30 I stopped in Sorrento for a break where I was scheduled to meet a friend who was travelling west in her van heading for the coast. I ate ice cream to keep myself cool and we chatted about life back home and what her latest adventure had in store for her.

After an hour and a half of chatting we wished each other safe travels and I continued on my way towards Salmon Arm.

The shoulder grew wider again and I coasted down some huge hills, enjoying the much appreciated breeze.

at approximately 5pm and after 110km In the searing heat I finally rolled into Salmon Arm.

A beautiful but blisteringly hot day!

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