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Updated: Jul 22, 2020

When I was a little boy I would read a popular uk comic book Called The Dandy.

one of the comic scripts centred around a character called Banana Man. Today, donning my bright yellow rain suit I felt like Banana Man.

The rain started in the early hours of the morning. I woke up with the sun (or rain as it were) and got my morning routine out of the way. Camp stuff packed up, teeth brushed and fresh faced I threw my yellow rain suit on and set off on the bike.

I left Lake Louise behind me and within half an hour was crossing over the provincial line between Alberta and BC.

I climbed for the first hour before dropping down over Kicking Horse Pass into Field BC, a tiny mountain community that was still asleep. from there I continued my ride cycling through tight mountain valleys until I reached the Columbia River. The traffic was pretty scarce and at one point a moose attempted to cross the highway Right in front of me. I spooked her and she darted back into the forest before I‘d even processed what had happened. Very cool but a little too close for comfort. (Eventually I will have one of these animal encounters with more than 1 seconds notice and actually get some photos)

from there I began the long and arduous climb over Ten Mile Hill, a steep pass that it known for its tight windy road that hugs cliff faces at touching distance on One side and dropped off into the abyss on the other.

the traffic was heavy there and there was no shoulder.

After a sketchy descent I made it to Golden, BC. A beautiful little mountain town (sadly not living up to its namesake due to the pouring rain.

With soaked feet and achy muscles, I peddled my way to the grocery store for a quick resuply and did some laundry at the local laundromat before meeting up with my hosts for the evening. A wonderful family I had done some work for in the past. They fed me portobello burgers and s’mores (or smelties as they had renamed them) and invited Me to play a game of Settlers of Catan. (I did not win but attribute this to my lack of brain power due to sheer exhaustion and not to my lack of skill!) before giving me a place to sleep.

Current Feelings

Happy, thankful, full, in good company, DOGS!

Daily Specs

Distance: 82km

Elevation: tbd

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