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DAY 3: Golden to Glacier National Park

It’s beautiful out here!

Today has been great!

Woke up at 8am and got straight on the road after a quick stop at Tim Hortons (gotta do it when you can). I felt strong today, probably thanks to the portobello burgers last night, and ate up the kilometres and elevation fast and easily. At one point I passed by a black bear who was eating the grass shoots at the side of the road. I hadn‘t noticed him until I was quite close but I was moving fast and he just watched me eerily as I cycled by. I continued to climb for a few more hours until I hit the Glacier National Park borderline. Right now campsites are closed so I need to pass through in a straight shot. If I had continued today it would have turned into a 158km day with crazy elevation gain over Rogers Pass so I decided to play it safe, not burn myself out or get a $25,000 ticket for illegally camping in a national park and wait at the boarder until tomorrow when I can go right through to Revelstoke. All in all, not as many kms as I’d hoped today but still a fantastic day.

Current Feelings

Strong, stoked, ready for dinner, excited for tomorrow

Daily Specs

Distance: 55km

Elevation gained: 288m

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