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So after 24 long long...LONG. Days of waiting, today I finally was able to commence riding. The last couple of days have been spent in fantastic company, relaxing in the fresh air and sunshine of beautiful Courtney BC.

But as I have been getting stronger and stronger this last week, I have been constantly thinking about the journey ahead. I still have over half of my trip left to do and time is now of the essence.

initially, I was thinking about leaving on Monday morning, putting in 60 or 70kms the first day and breaking the trip down to Nanaimo into 2 manageable chunks. This way I would miss all the weekend traffic and I could cruise at a leisurely pace and really feel out how the shoulder was doing.

After thinking about it for a few days I was acutely aware that time was ticking away for me and if I left it too late I might not make the full distance in time before I needed to go home and go back to work.

with this in mind I decided it couldn’t hurt to set off a day earlier. I would keep the same plan and just be a day ahead.

With the final decision being made the evening prior, I packed up my belongings, built up the bike and got ready to leave In the morning.


The morning came and after eating breakfast with my wonderful host one final time, I hit the road. Although it was a relatively late start for me (10.30am) I knew I had the whole day to do not too many kms and I could take it easy.

The kms seemed to melt away!

It was so good to be moving again and before I knew it I was already entering Parksville. This was supposed to be my end point for the day but I was feeling so good! So strong! So motivated. It was only 3.30 in the afternoo. There was so much day still remaining and I couldn’t help wondering if I was capable of making the full distance in one straight shot.

“It would be big“ I thought to myself. “farther than I’ve ever ridden before, weighted or in-weighted.

I strolled around a grocery store and picked up some supplies I needed while mulling it over in my mind.

well...might as well try?

I packed the supplies onto the bike, tapped in the new co-ordinates and hit the road again! Along coastal roads and pristine beaches, through sleepy neighborhoods and along bustling highways.

Finally I arrived at the Departure Bay ferry terminal in Nanaimo. The 6.30 ferry was full but that was no matter. There was another one setting sail at 8.30 and this gave me time to eat and relax a little bit.

After waiting an hour and 45 minutes the ferry docked and we boarded. now I’m watching the sun set over the water as we sail away for the mainland.

I feel amazing! Like I dived right back in the saddle as hard and strong as ever!

I’ll admit that the crash has left me shaken. I take my time more. Move at a slower pace and am a little jumpy sometimes but despite those things I still managed a new personal distance best.

122kms on the first day back!


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Jul 06, 2020

Amazing news! So glad you're on your way again but please, please, please take it easy! It's better to get there slowly than not at all!!! I didn't read you that story about the tortoise and the hare all those years ago for nothing you know! 😉🐢🐇........still proud. Xxxx


Aunty Sam
Jul 06, 2020

Yaaahhhh👏👏👏👏 .... way to go Forrest... that's BRILLIANT😁😗💪🚴‍♂️🏞

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