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After getting off the ferry at 10.30pm in Horseshoe bay I asked some fellow bike packers if they know of any good spots to camp for the night. They directed me to a little spot over looking the water about 2kms away and I peddled off into the night. After some exploration and surveying I found a little beach spot where I pitched the tent and hunkered down for my first night back sleeping On the road.

My alarm woke me up at 5.15am and I got up and packed every away and was back on the road for 6am.

The day began with a chill ride along Highway 1 which connected me to Highway 99 (Sea To Sky Highway). This highway was busy, had fast moving traffic and spots where the shoulder reduced to a sliver In size.

I peddled on to Lions Bay where I stopped briefly for breakfast before moving forward. My legs were sore and tired from the big day I had the day before and before long I found myself huffing and puffing up the long climbs.

I made it to Squamish BC where I sat and had some lunch and bathed in the sun. The thought of cycling another 60km of busy highway was SO unappealing. On this trip I had cycled through the wind and the rain, climbed massive passes and persevered through broken bones but I realized for the first time on my trip I wasn’t enjoying myself.

What was the point of continuing if I wasn’t enjoying myself?

After thinking about it for a while I decided that as much as I wanted to reach Whistler that day, I couldn‘t bare sitting in that saddle and slogging up massive climbs at a crawling pace while rushing commuters travelling too fast flew by me much too close for my comfort levels.

After hopping on the trusty googler for a while I found a ride share that could take myself and my bike up to Whistler where I would have time to sit and relax and find a good spot to sleep and prepare for the MAMOTH next day.

Some might call that cheating but I felt I was cheating myself out of the enjoyment of the trip so 🤷‍♂️

Once I’m Whistler I did a grocery shop for the next couple of days as I knew I would be travelling steep steep climbs over passes (longest climb in Canada to be precise) I wasn’t sure how long this section was going to take me so a stocked up on everything with reserves for a few days. I charged up all my devices and with the evening catching up to me I peddled off out of town to find a good place to sleep once again.

After much pondering and some help from satellite imagery I finally decided on some lake front real estate about 4 kilometres north of whistler.

I parked the bike, peeled of the bike shorts, a feeling I now compare to pulling off your ski boots after a long day at the hill, put on something comfier and prepped my campsite for the night. Food hung away from the animals, tent pitched and small fire burning, I crawled into my sleeping bag for the night.

I was asleep so so fast!

Best nights rest I’ve had since the crash!

Current Feelings

Sleepy, drained

Daily Specs

Distance: 102km

  • By bike - 45km

  • By car - 59km

> I also realized I did t take any pictures until Whistler so I pinched some for you off the internet 💪<

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