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Recovering in Sicamous: DAY 1

Waking up from my T3 assisted sleep at 8am, I slowly shuffled my way out of my bunk and into some clothes. Irene and Tim were already awake and eating some breakfast so I joined them and had myself a bagel and cream cheese. (About the only thing I can make right now)

After some fuel I made a trip to check up with my doctor and discuss my X-rays. Doctor Connick has advised that I stay put for 10 days at least while I get myself healed up and then maybe, if I’m a good boy and look after myself, I can get back on the bike and keep pounding the kilometres out of this journey.

Not long after I returned to the boat (Roxy I) the rain lifted and the clouds burned away.

I had lunch and went for a walk in the sunshine.

I sat on a little beach by the lake in the sun and thought to myself “not a bad spot to recover from an injury“.

A couple hours later a crazy lightning storm rolled over the lake and treated us to piercing lightning strike, crashing thunder and marble sized hail but it didn’t last long before the sun came out again and we had dinner on a neighbouring boat.

All in all...good day!

I cannot wait to get moving again but I could be in worse spots, thats for sure!

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