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Recovering In Sicamous: DAY 3-5

Sorry for the recent absence!

With not being constantly on the move, there isn’t too much to regularly update you guys on and the weather has been pretty rainy up until yesterday.

In the interest of getting you guys up to speed, here’s the deets!

My shoulder is stiff and pretty dang sore but I feel like there is improvement everyday. I’m getting weird cramping down my whole left side sometimes but I think that’s probably to do with the pain compensation. My body alignment is all screwed up but once I get more mobility on my joints and the pain subsides a bit I will work on fixing that stuff and I don’t Think it’ll be too much work.

Right now I’m just relaxing in lake country and hoping for the quickest recovery as humanly possible.

Up until I’m back on the bike I think the regularity of my blog posts will drop to one update every two or three days.

Otherwise things are gonna be pretty repetitive and boring. Yesterday I was chaperoned around on a canoe for a few hours and I got a lovely sunburn on my feet. Also, Steven King audiobooks are helping me pass the time.

Current listening

The Shining: Steven King

Current feelings

Sore, fidgety, practicing good patience.

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Jun 18, 2020

Looks like you're definitely making the best of a 'painful situation! Hope the weather stays good and you get to enjoy your recovery days....just make sure you don't do too much too soon....see this hiatus as being all part of your story. Looking forward to more pics from this stage.....tell your hosts they are gems for making you so welcome.....true friends! Xx


Aunty Sam
Jun 18, 2020

The lake looks beautiful... and you've found a great way to get round it with your own personal paddlers👍 .... but that bruise is a whopper😵 .... just keep doing what you're doing and it will all heal in time.... look forward to hearing your latest in a few days time XX

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