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Ok so it’s been 8 days since I posted and here’s what has been happening since the last update.

Last time I put a blog out I was recovering with some friends on a houseboat in Sicamous. Although it was literally paradise and my hosts were so so supportive and welcoming, after 10 days of being there I started to get itchy feet and felt like it was time to move on.

Despite my doctor thinking I would be ok to ride within 10 days of having broke my collarbone (a suggestion I find truly baffling now), once that day arrived I was still in WAY to much pain and discomfort to think about getting back on the bike.


I decided to make a jump forward to my finish line and stay with a collection of friends who separately offered to each house me for a number of days so that I could properly recover. Once I feel my shoulder can take the stress of riding 700km I will hop back in the saddle and ride back to the point at which I fell, completing my ride. This strategy is called a flip flop!

that brings us up to current time.

I‘ve been in Vancouver for 5 days now, and I will be here for 2-3 more. I’ll then head over to Vancouver Island and recover their for a week (ish) and start the journey back.

I’d like to firstly apologize for the delay in posts as not much has been happening other than bumming around and waiting for my arm to get better.

Secondly I want to give a big shout out to the people that have looked after me and allowed me to rest and recover with them so far. Irene, Tim, Barbra, Rob, Jacoba, Jemma, Ro, Sally and Hugh, Big Big thanks

Also a huge shout out to Sicamous Houseboats for letting me stay on one of their vessels for 10 DAYS!!!

Can’t thank you guys enough!

Current listening

Dr Sleep: Steven King

Current feelings

Sore, fidgety, practicing good patience.

If you feel that all children deserve to be loved and nurtured and want to donate to a great charity go here


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Jun 26, 2020

Best laid plans and all that, and where’s the fun in it being all plain sailing ;-)

Rest and recovery times sounds a dream, hope you're soon back on your bike , watch out for any pot holes !

Take care and keep us all posted xx


Jun 26, 2020

Looks like you're managung to enjoy yourself despite the frustration! Enjoy your time off before the return slog and make sure that collar bone is fully healed before you set off again! Xx

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