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Day 5: Revelstoke to NOT Sicamous I’m gonna need to pump the breaks for a bit.

Today, At 10.30am as I cycled between Revelstoke and Sicamous I had a nasty fall.

A bag that was mounted to my handlebars some how came loose and fell in front of the front wheel.

I hit the bag straight on, crushed my front wheel and did a flip over the bars, and...well, we’ll get to that!

After springing up and dragging my totalled bike out of the highway with help from a kind passerby, I phoned my good friend Irene and had myself rescued.

A whole day later and here’s the verdict!

When I came off the bike and hit the asphalt, I fractured my clavicle. Doc says it’s completely a pain tolerance issue whether or not I can keep riding. His recommendation was to give it a week and take some T3’s and re-evaluate.

Im going to give myself a day to figure out what to do and I’ll fill you in on the deets of that tomorrow but for now, know that I AM finishing this ride! It means much too much to me to throw in the towel. Not only is this ride symbolic of my own personal healing and moving forward in my life but there is the charity funds to think of also, the fantastic people at SAVE THE CHILDREN and the incredible support they have shown me along the way on this adventure that may only be 5 days deep for you guys but has been 2 months of planning and preparation for myself.

tonight I’m going to drink wine and relax and I’ll fill you in tomorrow!

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Jun 12, 2020

Blimey, our Gabriel has also done same thing about a fortnight ago on his bike .. two weeks in he’s miles better and back at work so hopefully you’ll not be too long out of the saddle .

Take care and keep us posted, we’re loving your trip Xx


Aunty Sam
Jun 12, 2020

Oh blinking heck!! What a shame.... but thank goodness it wasn't any worse... or happened out near the bears😱. You're doing the right thing now, take some time to assess and heal a bit.... you will finish the ride Forrest.... it's only a matter of when... that's all XX


Jun 12, 2020

Sounds like it might not be the end yet!! If take it easy for a day or two and then see how you are....ive got my fingers crossed that you will feel able to continue without being in too much pain....i know how much this means to you. Thanking God your injuries weren't more serious too. Rest up and stay safe. Xxx

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